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Love 90's? post icons, pictures, graphics and other 90's love

About the Community
90sLove is maintained by Kiifrootloop. It is a place for you and others to post icons, fan videos and other fan graphics of stars, tv shows, books, movies and other media from the 90's that you have made. only for things between 1990 - 2000
+ When posting more than 3 Icons or when posting large pictures use an Lj-cut

+ Have at least 2 icons to post

+ You can link to an entry somewhere else but make sure you tell people if they
are locked or not.

+ Tag your entry when you post (or i will)

+ Entries are listed in tags

+ If your stuff contains swearing warn people before the cut

+ You can ask questions about icons
+ Feel free to post fan videos, picspams, 90s nostalgia aswell.